Planning and Design in Chesterfield

The Essentials!

When planning your garden or grounds you need to consider the basics – scent, colour, theme or a combination. Will your garden or grounds be perennial, annual, a shaded area or a vegetable patch? Do you want raised beds, decking or patio area, a pond? Which plants, shrubs, vegetables or ornamental trees will work?

Planning goes far deeper than just plants and shrubs, it is also about the type of garden or grounds you have or would like to have – a cottage, tropical, formal, woodland, zen, wildlife habitat or do you like a dry desert style garden with sand, stone and cacti? Are there any buildings and walls already in existence and how can you can utilise the shaded areas these create?

Designing and planning your garden or grounds plays a massive part in creating your dream space and needs a good understanding of plant life cycles, shrub types, hardiness and the best areas in the garden to grow the plants, trees or vegetables you love. There are so many questions and so many points to take into consideration, but don’t worry, our fully qualified horticulturists and aborists have the skills, knowledge and years of experience to guide you through the process to ensure the garden or grounds you have always dreamed of is transformed into reality.

Creating your dream garden space takes very careful planning and consideration and we want to ensure the best possible results for you and your garden or grounds and to show our commitment we deliver the initial planning service free of charge! Charges for planning and design beyond the initial stages (if required) will be charged at £40 per hour.

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